a collaboration with micro-organisms





cycle 2011:

Villarrubia, blog, campo adentro
Serbia, Belgrade and Leskovac
CCCB, Barcelona



Microcultures zine

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A funny thing happens during the fermentation process. A monocellular organism, way below the thresh-hold of human site, meets another, as if by pure chance. This encounter creates a reaction, which results in growth. Slowly, more and more micro-organisms join, bubbling and interacting, until finally reaching a critical mass, which is when the media they are in is transformed in a visible way. The result is flavor and nutrition. These micro-organisms are different from one place to the next, creating different flavors and textures locally (the same fermented cavage will taste differently in different climates). This local particularity on one hand, and the interaction where a process that seems insignificant grows, bubbles up and becomes visible, on the other, form the basis of our project. this metamorphosis can be applied socially. Any social action, or an idea, meets another, and little by little, while growing in volume and presence, they start generating a social and a cultural wealth. This logic, of life that is in constant movement and change, can be found in this project on all levels (culinary, conceptual and social).

Air is also very important during the processes of food fermentation. This is also true for social processes. Space and free-time, the leisure to experiment and play are both perceived as luxuries in current day society. In reality they are essential for the creation of ideas and resources that help confront social challanges and economic crises. That is why we will take on an attitude of openness during the course of the project, expecting participants to surprise us with initiatives that bubble up from these spaces of cooking and debating.





Aviv Kruglanski & Vahida Ramujkic & Moshe Robas

June 2011